The mortalist I

A novel in pieces, a pointless exercise in noise.Written without care, written without sound, without explanation.May the writer be the only reader.What happens when even the mind dies? AS THE SMOKE DRIFTS AWAY – FIRST PIECE 1 The flares of passing cars illuminate petty crimes, the see-through negligee under a windbreaker on a down onContinue reading “The mortalist I”

The mad statue of Simon Timofeev

In a small, obscure little town somewhere in Eastern Europe, there once lived a humble doctor. Born somewhere during the 1800s – dates ranging from 1820 to 1840, as the old townhouse which held records burned down – Simon Timofeev was one of the first educated doctors, physicians, and caretakers for the mentally ill. Mostly,Continue reading “The mad statue of Simon Timofeev”

The cottage at the end of dreams

A cold, windswept plain. Upon this plain are situated the great mountain ranges of Balkans, of Carpathia, surrounding the Pannonian basin in which flows no sea anymore but fields of wheat and concrete, and… The great slum of a fallen civilization, a decrepit house, sits upon the plains: it is a lonely little cottage, hiddenContinue reading “The cottage at the end of dreams”

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