Cold for the poor, warmth for the rich!

Now that everyone left, disappeared, the silent, empty page greets me. You don’t know me. You will never know me as i do not wish to be known. This is a great source of my pain and misery. There is a wall inside of me, that has always kept me separate from human beings, andContinue reading “Cold for the poor, warmth for the rich!”

Will’s Vertigo

The mind bleeds out its content on the surroundings, unleashing violent thoughts of destruction and worry of the society we inhabit. To make peace with the wholeness of life is to achieve smireniye, the orthodox conception of calmness one experiences as he approaches the concept of virtueless life, as our own virtues might become aContinue reading “Will’s Vertigo”

The burden of suffering

The world is turning silent, malevolent, it broods over what it is beginning to comprehend, that behind the din and racket of modern existence lies the fundamental reality of human behaviour – malice. Mankind is fundamentally malevolent. It believes in Hell, and Purgatory when living under strong men, having no other way to express itselfContinue reading “The burden of suffering”

Waiting for December

It’s been a hellish year if there ever was any. Entire regions overturned, political ruptures splitting along the seams the old seamstress made. The great issue – renegade Capital, has risen once again, selling everything not nailed down… For the shepherd has left the herd to the whims of the dog. Ultimately, if taxation byContinue reading “Waiting for December”

Life’s Anomie…

Today is a long day… it is night-time, shadow-time… rest is now interrupted by the world itself, for work never waits, and neither does time. I have started writing about taxation, and therefore i felt it necessary to respond about a pressing question i often asked myself: just why is it that taxation, one ofContinue reading “Life’s Anomie…”

Labor’s Capital is Sorrow’s Rest

Work is of two kinds, said the British mathemathician and logician Bertrand Russell: first, the altering of the position of matter at or near the surface of matter relative to other matter, meaning of which still somewhat escapes me fully, yet, the other kind – telling other people what to do – i comprehend fully.Continue reading “Labor’s Capital is Sorrow’s Rest”

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