“Let us face ourselves.”

Tales, thoughts, desperation, joy, insomnia

Forests and things

I haven’t written anything in a few months. The days flew by as i was moving forward, towards old age, gloom, loneliness. I was always alone, that much i recall. During my younger days i often went fox hunting up there, on the mountains to sell fur. I would rest at a cabin, a damp,Continue reading “Forests and things”

The midnight walk

He did not know the reason for the fear, nor the cold which gripped his body. He woke up like any other day, made breakfast, showered, and went to work. At work, he took his place in the assembly line, greeted his colleagues and worked. Yet as the shift was coming to an end, FedjContinue reading “The midnight walk”

Welcome to a tiresome era

Greetings, greetings, all you optimists, and hopeful individuals! After fifty years of utopian science-fiction, endless technological advancement which was ever vertical, a greater variety of entertainment, liberation of sexes, liberation of sex itself from social mores, its new valuing, you have come to the end of a great culmination of a past dream. You canContinue reading “Welcome to a tiresome era”

The mortalist IV

NOW ALL THAT IS LEFT IS TO AMOUNT TO A GODIN A WORLD WHERE EVEN GODS MUST LIEALL THE ROADS LEAD TO BECOMINGNONE ARE BECOMING MADE OBSERVANT THE STENCH OF LIFE – FOURTH PIECE 24 “Let’s say Dima Nikiforovich is a patriot. What is the problem of patriotism? Is it the love of a homelandContinue reading “The mortalist IV”

The mortalist III

NOW ALL THAT IS LEFT IS THE SPIRIT MINDLESSLY OBSERVING THE PASSAGE OF TIMEWHAT TO EVEN SAY WHEN ALL THAT IS LEFT ARE WORDS?THEN MAN MUST SPEAK NOTHING AND ALL ROTTEN FILTERS – THIRD PIECE 18 “I am tired of living, in fact, i have already overlived myself by at least a few centuries. IContinue reading “The mortalist III”

The mortalist II

NOW IT IS POINTLESS TO EVEN HAVE A POINTWHERE DOES THE BODY EMBODY ITSELFIN A WORLD THAT IS ENDLESS?AN EXERCISE IN NOTHINGNESS THE GATHERING OF ASH – SECOND PIECE 10 Dima Nikiforovich, age 24, is leaving the capital of Krasnoznameniye and is heading for Chernigor, a small, industrial town which was once a long timeContinue reading “The mortalist II”

The mortalist I

A novel in pieces, a pointless exercise in noise.Written without care, written without sound, without explanation.May the writer be the only reader.What happens when even the mind dies? AS THE SMOKE DRIFTS AWAY – FIRST PIECE 1 The flares of passing cars illuminate petty crimes, the see-through negligee under a windbreaker on a down onContinue reading “The mortalist I”


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