Cold for the poor, warmth for the rich!

Now that everyone left, disappeared, the silent, empty page greets me. You don’t know me. You will never know me as i do not wish to be known. This is a great source of my pain and misery. There is a wall inside of me, that has always kept me separate from human beings, andContinue reading “Cold for the poor, warmth for the rich!”

Life is amusing, if a chore

Let me dream of a world meant to bemade of good things, and all wrongsto be ended, like the diseasedthoughts of my death. I wish to escape all suffering, but i can’t.Perhaps it is my delusional mindwhich makes it worth living to seewhat i amount to be. A human, or a machine?Who knows the properContinue reading “Life is amusing, if a chore”

Welcome to a tiresome era

Greetings, greetings, all you optimists, and hopeful individuals! After fifty years of utopian science-fiction, endless technological advancement which was ever vertical, a greater variety of entertainment, liberation of sexes, liberation of sex itself from social mores, its new valuing, you have come to the end of a great culmination of a past dream. You canContinue reading “Welcome to a tiresome era”

The mortalist I

A novel in pieces, a pointless exercise in noise.Written without care, written without sound, without explanation.May the writer be the only reader.What happens when even the mind dies? AS THE SMOKE DRIFTS AWAY – FIRST PIECE 1 The flares of passing cars illuminate petty crimes, the see-through negligee under a windbreaker on a down onContinue reading “The mortalist I”

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