A new year, a new sameness

Well, it’s the new year of 2021. I rested, worked, another year went by.

Might buy a house soon.

I haven’t written in at least a month, i prefer reading the thoughts of others than my own, and i find it amusing to disappear, to do as i will, never forcing myself to anything. Well, it’s a new year… so what has changed?

Well, politics wise, Donald Trump lost, and Joe Biden won. Yet, the irony is that no one seems particularly happy. The first thing that went back to “normal” were the wars – Americans are back in Syria. On the first day of the new administration, war – but not a war since it was never proclaimed openly – is back. This blatant invasion of national indepence means that our national liberties are smoke and mirrors – the Americans themselves don’t want to be there, the Syrians don’t want them, the Arabs dislike them meddling in their affairs. Yet – the war marches on…

Then, there were a plethora of old policies that were unmade by the new administration. Yet, the people are still protesting. Is this a spiritual issue, a cultural exhaustion of the tiresome techno-industrial life? Who knows.

However, Joe Biden is not Donald Trump. And with that the decline of America has now masked itself as its resurrection. Now all foreigners must once again get accustomed to a life of color revolutions, rampant invasions, agressive posturing, while Americans themselves must go back to getting everything they did not vote for, while it is politely explained to them why they are wrong.

It reminded me of an old curse, that i keep thinking about: “I hope your house gets filmed by CNN.” An old local curse, meaning, i hope your house gets bombed. Because, whatever CNN focuses on, whoever it focuses on, that person, idea, ideology, is under open attack.

It used to be foreigners that had to deal with this. Iraq, Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia, North Korea… I still remember that blatant lie about Saddam Hussein if i recall, killing babies in incubators. A most hysterical, emotional telenovela to persuade Americans they are dealing with a monster.

I remember when Gaddafi was brutally murdered and Hillary Clinton cackled like a witch about an indepent nation’s leader’s death, as if it was an amusing attraction. I could never explain to Americans just how immoral, cynical, agenda-driven their media is.

And now i don’t have to.

Because Donald Trump is gone and things keep getting worse.

Ultimately, that raw propagandistic power, is no longer directed at us – the foreigners – but at them, the natives. We used to hate “America”, to hate that projection of ourselves to themselves, and we always tried to go behind the media system to tell them the reality of, well, reality.

That there were no WMDs, that the world is worse with their democratic zeal of bombing, and we failed, and will keep failing. However, now they themselves will feel what it is like to be powerless, slandered, marked – and then told that this is journalism, this is the free press, and that it is the duty of the free press to…

Why are journalists not held accountable for the destruction of Libya? It is an entire country that is still in collapse. There was even a french “philosopher”, Bernard Henri Levy who was agitating for a bombing!

A philosopher? A cattle of the journalistic class? Why, yes, because they are the “masters” of democracy, or at least its stewards. While Donald Trump was president, watching CNN was like watching a battle report, you would think people were battling it out on the streets of Los Angeles.

Dramatic storytelling, a heroic saga of resolve of the downtrodden liberals against an oppressive, maniacal dictator who will destroy “our way of life”.

Yes, i remember hearing about this all my life, whenever America was out to bomb someone. I was, we were, the foreigners, always the bad ones. And now, at least half of United States experienced for four years what we went through for decades. Decades of blatant propaganda, and worst of all, complaining that it is propaganda, that it has an agenda, means you’re the problem.

I am now sure that it will keep getting worse. The Americans had a choice, which proved not to be a choice. Vote as you are told.

It is this thin line of “respectability” that Americans choose – we will go back to bombing foreigners, but will pretend to be polite at home. That’s it. There is no anti-war party, it is all smoke for American narcissism it seems. While Donald Trump was president not a single country was invaded.

Yet the foreigners themselves, idiots that they are, are cheering on the man who will destroy their future – Joe Biden. Because he speaks in polite terms.

So we are back on the track of “progress”. Now adding to Syrians, Russians, Iranians, Arabs, Muslims, dictators, and whatever, we can add – Americans.

They’ll call them white nationalists, fascists… half of United States population will get to sense how amusing it is to be an enemy of the journalistic class. The liberals will grumble about a lost chance but they will surely enjoy the prospect of sticking a knife into their kin.

They enjoy doing it to us after all.

The “conservatives” will once again foam at the mouth at distant dictators and call for liberation. The native Americans will go back to being a “decent democracy”.

Which means of course – the humiliation of the foreigner. Calling out entire countries as barbaric, savage tyrannies, and then destroying their culture, economy, industry, and all that. Now add to that the humiliation of the native stock, at least part – white Americans will never be allowed to feign ignorance about the election, they will be reminded for all time how evil and shady they are… Kinda like Russians i guess.

…What has changed is the perspective of things. No longer will Americans themselves believe in anything concerning democracy, half of the country believes the election to be a sham. There was a very post-Soviet feel to the whole debacle. The journalists proclaimed an election before it ended! Such was their desperation that they blatantly displayed their power – for it is power that they wield, and now no one can pretend otherwise.

The other thing is the illusion of control is shattered. Americans don’t want to be in Syria, don’t want to agitate Russia, and want to rebuild their industrial base. What they got, on the very first day is everything they hated.

And they called it a return of democracy. But who did? The people? What people?

The liberals were happy Trump was gone, and then, a nervousness unlike any before crept up – what now? What do we do?

The conservatives were, well… now they see the truth of things. Now they are the mujahideen, the Slavic gangster-president, the fascist, whatever. Most felt shocked, and still do, unsure of what is going on. Yes, you’re the enemy now too. Go sit next to the Russians.

It’s a decrepit country, United States. Joe Biden is the decline, the decline of imperial sameness, imperial whataboutism – there, Trump is gone, what now? Well, now we go back to normal. And normal is precisely – economic destruction of American industrial base, rampant war, economic sanctions on distant lands, all reported as common occurences by an aiding press, which now cover even american riots the way it covered Syria – emotionally, hysterically, and amusingly.

The polish is gone, and what was hidden is now revealed – open power struggles, corporate power unpersoning individuals, an eviction crisis, a healthcare crisis, an identity crisis…

Well, that’s that.

I think i’ll write something less depressing one day. The world is now falsely back to normal, and what i saw but could not explain, now everyone sees.

Nothing will get done the way people want it to be done, and they’ll call it democracy.

And then another country will get bombed.

Happy new decade! Ha!

Published by Makrothumerian

I am a man with no great joys in life, other than reading. To seek tales of distant places and people, i have sought for a silent, yet public place, where no one will know me. So, i write, i live, i dream of a more strange world. It is the comfort of philosophy, that shields me. Tales of distant lands that comfort me. My own writing, that disturbs me.

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